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About us

Area Four Industries America is the official sales point in North and South America for the Milos, Litec, Exe and Mobiltechlifts brands. Thanks to the extensive breadth of their product portfolio, and vast know-how of the group, you have a professional partner for projects of all sizes.

The mission of Area Four Industries is to elevate event engineering & safety practices through continuous improvement and education programs in partnership with leading industry professionals.

The focus of Area Four Industries:

  • Helping to uplift the support structure industry by targeting four main areas: Education, Ideas, Synergy and Complex Projects.

  • Achieving the highest levels of safety through continuous education of industry professionals, and offering extensive know-how and lifelong experience for the successful completion of projects.

  • Leading and coordinating the activities of its brands by acting as an “incubator” for their ideas and strategies.

  • Serving as a “think tank” for the activities its brands carry out in local markets.

  • Delivering customized solutions to its customers thanks to the experience and know-how gathered from its brands, no matter what brand or products are chosen.

  • Offering decades of experience and industry-leading know-how from its team of experts specialized in complex projects.

Meet Our Team:

Adrian Forbes-Black
Vice–President of Sales & Marketing
Area Four Industries America
Phone: +1 (800)-411-0065
Email: adrian.forbes-black@a4direct.us
Will Todd
Area Four Industries America
Phone: +1 (865) 219 3700
Email: will.todd@a4direct.us
Keith Bohn
Business Development Director
Area Four Industries America
Phone: +1 (800)-411-0065
Email: keith.bohn@a4direct.us
Sean Scanlon
Sales & Business Development Manager
Area Four Industries America
Phone: + 1 (800)-411-0065
Email: sean.scanlon@a4direct.us

Jenni Keeler
Sales & Operations Manager – East
Area Four Industries America
Phone: +1 (800)-411-0065
Email: jenni.keeler@a4direct.us
Douglas DeBusschere
Sales Manager - West
Area Four Industries - West
Phone: +1 (800)-411-0065
Email: douglas.debusschere@a4direct.us
Gene Matera
Sales Manager - West
Area Four Industries - West
Phone: +1 (800)-411-0065
Email: gene.matera@a4direct.us

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